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G-FAST 広州豊中铝合金有限公司
Broad Horizon ! Great Sensitivity !! Big Dream !!!


General Manager's Comment

Broad horizon, great sensitivity and big dreams are what we cherish in our company. We hope we can always play a part in our community with faith and vigor.

Also our slogan says “there’s no limit for what we can do”. We practice everyday now. It can make all the employees go in sthe same direction and cooperate well with each other. Thus, we focus on “people”, the greatest economic resource.

We will make full use of our information, techniques and past experiences in our own field, which is car manufacture. In this way, we can expand our territory and our market in the industry.

Also, we produce thoroughly trust-worthy products, with deep concerns for environmental preservation. We aim to get reorganizations from other companies on our values and products, so we welcome your support and guidance.


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